Our responsibility is to invest in economic, social and environmental balance.

We have a responsibility to invest in improving production processes in order to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

We want to be a transforming agent in our value chain, making an effective contribution to preserve health, well-being and life quality of this and future generations.

  1. Some of the guidelines established by our Sustainability program are:
  2. Reduce as much as possible the natural resources consumption;
  3. Reduce atmospheric emissions, effluents and waste;
  4. Have people as agents of change for a sustainable life;
  5. Innovation in products, processes and partnerships;
  6. Have partners with sustainable processes.


Savyon adopts the OEKO-TEX® certification in its inputs, which gives consumers confidence, ensuring that our Jacquard is produced with raw material that does not harm the skin. They also ensure that the material is produced using sustainable processes and in responsible work conditions.


The quality of the equipment used is always a key factor in the best development of any industry, including   in terms of sustainability.

Aiming at zero waste, our machines combine technology with environmental impact reduction and higher quality production, less waste, production increase and polluting decrease.


  • We operate quality processes and methodologies that reduce the loss rate during production and consequently disposal;
  • We developed a quality control that minimizes failures and errors made in processes that can lead to waste of raw material and improve energy efficiency;
  • We reuse textile production leftovers as spools of yarn in the bales production and shipping packages;
  • We donate to social entities or sell Jaquard patches to small entrepreneurs at very low cost, avoiding undue disposal;
  • We send cardboard boxes, plastic packaging to authorized recyclers;
  • We send all discarded oil to the recycler with transportation and reception tracked through the MTR (Waste Transport Manifest), in accordance with the environmental legislation.


The weaving prioritizes a relationship with suppliers who conduct processes conscientiously and have sustainability programs, supporting us in our philosophy.

One of the biggest impacts and concern in production is with water management, and it is most consumed during the process of dyeing and finishing of the fabric.

Our effort to reduce consumption and treatment impacts led us to, along with our partner:

  1. 100% of water reuse, in dyeing and finishing fabrics, with a natural, biological process. With this, we reduce water consumption, environment impact and also production costs;
  2. Iodine (waste) biological recovery from water purification;
  3. Thermal cooling of the sheds between 8° to 10° with water reuse through sprinters on the roof of production area.


It is a hard challenge to totally extinguish the processes impact from the enviroment,  but it ipossible to have a sustainable textile industry, enabling a model that uses racional, natural and better resources to fit into a world of respect for the enviroment and society.

Our philosophy does not only serve the company, but brings benefits to our employees, quality administration at all phases, a safer consuption for our clients, and a healthier enviromental turnaround.
Selo reciclado


Savyon Indústria Têxtil

A 50 anos no mercado é uma das mais importantes fabricantes de Jacquard do mercado Mundial. É especialista em desenvolver com criatividade e tecnologia variedades de Jacquard tecidos com diferentes fios, proporcionando produtos exclusivos com tramas extremamente elaboradas.

A Savyon é referência mundial na criação e fabricação de tecidos de malha em Jacquard. Criamos padronagens complexas de entrelaçamento que resulta em um Jacquard de nível internacional para importantes marcas do mundo da moda.

17 de December de 2020

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A temporada de inverno 2020 da Semana de Alta-Costura de Paris foi apresentada de forma inovadora – virtualmente, em tempos de pandemia. Mas nem tanta modernidade tirou do foco a tradição: as maisons mantiveram viva a força do trabalho de seus artesãos e das técnicas manuais francesas.
17 de December de 2020

A moda de luxo conseguirá recuperar seu brilho?

Setembro é geralmente um mês movimentado para a indústria do luxo. Pouco depois que as revistas de moda publicam sua importante edição de setembro, milhares de compradores de lojas, jornalistas e clientes embarcam em um tour por Nova York, Londres, Milão e Paris.

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